Not just 5, Now 10 Fingers I came across this (the rabbit hole) and watched the video above, I didn’t expect to be as emotionally affected as I was. This young lady’s experience was touching. Watch.

Dad’s Sheep Team

My Dad’s hobby (Joe W. Brown) was his sheep team with a covered wagon. He loved being involved in parades showing them off. Sheep Team in a Parade

Ayn Rand

Who is John Galt? Atlas Shrugged was written by Ayn Rand in 1957. What we are going through today here in the USA with our political climate is not a new concept in transforming governments. This is a must watch! (and… it’s a really good movie trilogy.) Please note: There is almost a complete recasting… Continue reading Ayn Rand

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Are Christians Safe?

I would advise you to watch the complete video below. Be sure to check the sources and verify for yourself, so that you might be able to move forward with what you need to do. I find it interesting how long this video takes to load from YouTube. Be patient, so far it always has.… Continue reading Are Christians Safe?

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