Marxism Explained

Equity, Woke, Maoism, intersectionality, praxis, CRT, Queer Theory, Western Marxism, sexuality, slavery all explained by Dr. James Linsay in 28 minutes. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to read the Progressive’s playbook, “Rules for Radicals” by Sol Alinsky. Once you read it, you can put into perspective how the machinery works… Continue reading Marxism Explained

Many people are being “DeBanked”, sometimes for no reason at all by the bank. Usually, though, it is for “power of the elite” reasons. Watch the video below… pretty amazing. Got my attention. Click below to be informed when they open for business. If there is any way I can participate, I will transfer… Continue reading

Loneliness is Intentional

Politician vs Statesman

[ pol-i-tish–uhn ] noun: You will notice in the above definition, a politician is mostly in it for their own gain. Statesman [ steyts-muhn ] noun, plural states·men. What is not stated here is that as a rule, a Statesman represents the people’s wishes. We defiantly need more of this in our representative government. A good example of… Continue reading Politician vs Statesman

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I copied from Conservapedia and pasted to this post the definition of: Progressivism: Theodore Roosevelt, first progressive president Progressivism (or Progressive Ideology) is a narrow ideology born in America that puts a heavy emphasis on administrative state, separated from the political process, engages in centralized economic planning, promotes Social Control, and has the power and expertise to make quick… Continue reading Progressives