Citizen Portal Ai

Here is an AI driven web site that can help you find anything reported in the media on whatever you ask it to find. website is under development currently and has just started to populate its database.

Even with the limited data, it’s incredible!

Ever get the feeling when you go to vote that you wonder just who are the people on the ballot that you might check the box for. You might wonder if it is safe just to vote party line? Now you can easily do your due diligence of homework and when asked “Did you Vote?”, you can now feel confident that you voted for the correct candidate that aligns with your thinking. All this with a simple search for them on Citizen Portal.

The same guy (Paul Allen) that started has embarked on a new project to provide the average citizen with anything you wanted to know about who you might want to vote for… and beyond.

Once gets fleshed out, it will be a game changer.

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