ESG, Environmental, Social, and Governance scoring system, is a real threat to individual freedoms as we know it here in the USA and around the world. The trick is to learn the real intent in the ESG program.

There is a lot of hype as to what it is… propaganda as it were (is), That we need to be on our guard and learn what it really is, so that we may reverse the damage, that if implemented will do to individuals’ freedom.

I have found several links below that I think you might be able to trust, but be sure to do your own homework.

ESG… Is Very BAD! (My opinion)

The Hill: “We must abandon ESG policies in America and around the globe”

What is ESG?

ESG Against Us: Financial institutions are canceling small businesses and everyday Americans who don’t agree with their beliefs.

Fox Business: 19 states investigate major US banks for pushing ESG policies ‘killing’ American companies

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