Brain Washing


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brainwashing[ˈbrānwôSHiNG] NOUN

the process of pressuring someone into adopting radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible means. “victims of brainwashing”

We usually think of brainwashing with a negative implication. Something done against our will. Something of harm, or detriment to our wellbeing or our very existence.

Mentorship would seem to be the opposite, but the difference that I see, is the method of teaching. One is forcible (Brainwashing) and usually short term, more often than not, going against one’s belief system. The other is more often long term involving a pleasant process.

Mentorship comes in many forms, but almost always learning from another being. One usually thinks of a human as the mentor, but think about the actions of a loyal dog at your side. One could learn from the dog, the concept of “Loyalty” if one were to stop and realize what is going on. Hence the concept “mentor”. Mentorship is really the concept of “Brain Washing” but simply going along with it willingly, possibly unknowingly.

One should step back, and think: “I prefer to choose who I want to be mentored/brainwashed by.”

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