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Theodore Roosevelt, first progressive president

Progressivism (or Progressive Ideology) is a narrow ideology born in America that puts a heavy emphasis on administrative state, separated from the political process, engages in centralized economic planning, promotes Social Control, and has the power and expertise to make quick decisions.[1] Progressives are quick to point to their label and proclaim that they stand for “progress”,[2] but do everything they can to hide the fact that where they want to make progress to is a big government that is in control of every aspect of Americans’ lives. Henry George wrote the book that inspired the use of the word “progress” in the name of progressivism.

Progressivism – Conservapedia

Since the 1960s and the New Left Movement, Progressivism has largely been synonymous with Communism/leftism and rejects multi-party democracyfree speech, free association, and other rights of man. Earlier Progressivism, while staunchly in favor of Big Government, was equally critical of communist and socialist viewpoints.

After the horrors of the Peoples Temple mass murder/suicide in late 1978, Progressivism fell into disrepute for 30 years in America until it was revived by Barack Obama during the War on Terror and domestic opponents of America’s “cultural hegemony.”

My thoughts on Progressivism.

Most of the Democratic party and too much of the Republican party have been hijacked by the Progressive movement. Have you ever heard “Yesterdays Democrat is today’s Republican”. I submit that yesterday’s Progressive is today’s Democrat. Basically, the two major political parties have been hijacked by the Progressives (More so the Democratic party). Many people today are se with confusion as to what happened to their party, especially the older generations, such as myself, where we tend to hold onto our old definitions that do not seem to match with today’s ideals.

Progressivism is not a new concept, although, now has a name for it’s cause. It can be thought of as a system. A system to melt down a perfectly freedom loving society and convert it to Socialism, run by elites and is most often associated with a communist monetary system.

As a result of the Progressive system, a breakdown of society and government is inevitable. This produces a vacuum of law, as the people are willing to accept whatever is out there to keep order. Most dictators assume power under these conditions and thrive in such an environment.

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