Human Nature Never Changes

This is a basic premise:

“Human Nature never changes from Time-to-Time or Place-to-Place.”

This statement-concept is important to understand because it very well explains a lot of things that are going on in our society today.

I bring this up because our society has a basic belief that human nature does change, which then cancels, or then gives no purpose for the Constitution of our United States because it is “outdated”.

What does change, are Society’s, or Culture. For some time now, our public school system has been teaching our population that Human Nature changes. I would submit that technology has greatly changed our culture, but not our human nature. The advent of the mechanical revolution, the electronic revolution, and now the information revolution and soon to be, the AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) revolution. This all has to do with who takes advantage of the unchangeable human nature that will affect us in our future.

The constitution was created simply to control human nature on a large scale, in a land we call “The Great Experiment”. The United States of America. Nothing more, but to control human nature from taking over the rights of the individual of “us”, the people of the USA.

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