Fact Checking

Fact checking has been hijacked by the Progressives.

Fact checking has been strongly overtaken by opinion of the Progressive left. As a result of a recent suit against Facebook, they as much admitted that their fact checking was opinioned to weasel out of their predicament.

Many resources that we all thought was fact, is in fact turning out to be very biased. Just the simple “Let me Google it” is very biased. Please check this web site and read up on how all of us are being manipulated. MyGoogleResearch.com.

I have found Wikipedia to be very biased by the way they present their product. I would even say “Radical Far Left”. I have found that they use examples such as “Insurrection” using “Jan 6” as an answer instead of actually defining insurrection, which by the way is defined as: nounrebellionrisingrevolutionriotcouprevoltuprisingmutinyinsurgencyputschsedition They were plotting to stage an armed insurrection. (Notice, Jan 6 is not in the definition. In fact… calling Jan 6 an insurrection is actually an opinion. The “plotting” (organizing) was not by the people who came to see Trump, but by the White House Progressives mixed in with them.

What is find now is that the rebellion was organized and pushed by the Progressives! See this link for more info.

It has become harder and harder to “Fact Check” with reliable sources. Be diligent in doing so. I have found several places to check on things as I do my research.

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